Nicolaas Jan Carel Francken

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Nicolaas Jan Carel (Nico) Francken
Nicolaas Jan Carel Francken

One of the beneficiaries and director of the companies involved in fraudulent activities under the trade mark name ‘Your Trade Choice’.

Biography Facts

D.O.B 1945, New Zeeland national, obtained legal degree from Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands). Continued further education in Belgium in European College (Bruges) obtained Phd degree in European Jurisprudence. Lives in Singapore on a permanent basis, has six children, married to Irina Francken.

Business Interests

Dr Nicolaas Jan Carel Francken TEP together with Dr Irina M. Francken TEP are the founders and owners of IN Fiduciary Services Group.  Nicolaas Francken is the executive chairman of IN Fiduciary Services Group.

Nicolaas Jan Carel  Francken director of IN Fiduciary Services Ltd, co. № 678919;

Level 2 Public Trust Building 442 Moray Place PO Box 3058 Dunedin 9016 NZ, phone: +64 3 470 1550, fax: +64 3 470 1552, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website: 100% share of IN Fiduciary Services Ltd are owned by the Netherlands company Stichting IN Fiduciary Services Holding (Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 3, 1183AT Amstelveen), where Nicolaas Jan Carel Francken is a director.

A group of the companies controlled by Francken includes Singaporean company  IN Fiduciary Services Pte. Ltd, Сo. no. 200300465W Level 30 Raf es Place 6 Battery Road Singapore 049909, phone: +65 6725 9257, fax: +65 64455963, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website:

In order to find new clients Nicolaas and Irina Franckenare are cooperating with the Ukrainian company Bosco Conference. The company claim that it was established by a group of specialist in taxation, international finance services and conference services, working in the Ukrainian marker for more than eight years.

IN Fiduciary Services Ltd is 100% owner of Choice Trade (International) Ltd (Level 2, The Public Trust Building, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin, 916, NZ). Choice Trade (International) Ltd is the domain owner of The company on multiple occasions was referred to on the Your Trade Choice websites:,,,, Those websites were used to deceive clients. Authorities in various countries have issued an official warning that Your Trade Choice is not authorised as a financial services provider and is therefore is not allowed to offer financial market services.

Nicolaas Francken director of Choice Trade (International) Ltd, he is also a head of the company named Solidary Markets NZ Ltd (100% owner - IN Fiduciary Services Ltd, Level 2, The Public Trust Building, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin, 9016, NZ, The following company is not authorised as a financial services provider and is being used for financial fraud.

In July 2005, Niko Franken appeared as a defendant in the case related to the sale of insurance company Contractors Bonding. He was the head of the company and was involved in dealing non-existent insurances to taxi drivers, the US state of Georgia Atlanta .

In November 2005, the Securities Commission of New Zealand has banned the issuance of securities by Global FX Secure Trust II, done in order to attract investment. It was planned to invest funds through the Singaporean company Global FX Secure PTE Ltd, in which directors and holders of the controlling stake of shares were Nico Francken and his wife Irina Franken. In addition, the proposal was referring to the company named WKF Asset Management Ltd (IN Asset Management Ltd), in which Franken and his wife were both working. The Commission came to the conclusion that Global FX mislead clients, on the grounds that the issuance of securities has not been properly registered, and has not been submitted to the investment application.

In early 2013, a New Zealand company Guardian Fiduciary Trust Ltd, who’s beneficial owner is Nico Francken was charged with money laundering


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