Questions over NZ interest in Casino development

22 Июль 2016 Автор  Edwin Nand
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Casino developer One Hundred Sands has failed to give clear answers on possible dealings with a New Zealander convicted of Securities Act breaches in Dunedin.

Nicolaas Jan Carel also known as Nico Francken has been found guilty of making untrue statements in an internet advertisement while he was a director of a company which issued securities to the public.

Francken has since been linked to fundraising efforts for the casino to be based outside Denarau in Nadi.

One Hundred Sands Chair, Larry Claunch speaking to FBC News from New York in the United States says Francken’s involvement with the casino project has not yet been finalized.


“I think the press on him is definitely wrong. The opportunity that we’ve had to talk to so many people about fund raising in America and around the world, that he’s one who has expressed interest in raising funds for the casino. As to his involvement, at this point, it’s undecided.”

The National Business Review – a New Zealand magazine reports that Francken lost an appeal against his conviction and in the process, a bid to suppress his name.

He owns a luxury private hotel in Dunedin which has hosted actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, and the Prince of Wales.

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